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Price List

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Delivery Costs

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Our Locations
Our Locations

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1 Yard
(7 level wheelbarrows)

1 Ton
(1/2 ton pickup truck)

4 Yards
(28 level wheelbarrows)

8 Yards
(56 level wheelbarrows)

14 Yards
(98 level wheelbarrows)

24 Yards
(168 level wheelbarrows)



Desert Gold





Decorative Rock

3/16–5/16" Aztec River Rock

3/8–6/8" Aztec River Rock

1/8–3/8" Clean River Rock

3/8–5/8" Clean River Rock

7/8–1 1/2" Clean River Rock

5/8" Chips

1 1/2" Course

1" Pecan Valley

2–4" Pecan Valley

Pecan Valley Builders

2–4" Multi-color Cobblestone

5/8–2" Salida River Rock

2–4" Salida River Rock

4–8" Salida River Rock

4–8" Salida River Rock



1 Ton Holey Boulders

1 Ton Moss Boulders