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Our goal is to provide every customer with an outstanding experience. Whether you are purchasing mulch for your flower beds or selecting stone for a large commerical project, we strvie to provide exceptional service—everytime. We welcome your feedback and comments, simply contact us.


Minick Staff

Sam Minick


405/789-2068 x4901 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Jason Huffaker

Operations Manager

405/789-2068 x4701 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Jeannette DiSomma


405/789-2068 x4501 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Alan Cook

Yard Supervisor

405/789-2068 x4602

Minick Staff

Hillary Cantrell

Edmond Store Manager

405/418-2209 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Steve Pavick

Norman Store Manager

405/329-2458 x1115 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Phil Bodman

Sales Manager

405/343-7879 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Randy Speegle

Residential Sales

405/301-0025 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Tim Shanahan

Commercial/Architectural Sales

405/834-8280 | E-mail

Minick Staff

Kimberly Lewis

Commercial Masonry Sales

405/519-1100 | E-mail

Minick Staff


Commercial Sales

405/406-9524 | E-mail

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We staff our three locations in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman.

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