Soil and Landscape Education

At Minick Materials, we like to build a community network, helping neighbors by providing our experience to your group organization. Minick Materials is a great source of knowledge.

Our On Your Turf Series allows us to bring this expertise to your group or organization with a variety of outstanding presentations. Read more


We also offer the following AIA Certified Continuing Education. To learn more or to schedule your own On Your Turf presentation, call us at 405/789-2068 or use our online contact form.


American Institute of Architects Certified Continuing Education

We offer a variety of AIA certified continuing education courses. These presentations are tailored to meet the needs of architects, landscape architects, designers, and engineers.


Spec for Success: Designing Using Manufactured Stone
Credits: 1


Architectural Natural Stone Quarry Tour
Credits: 8

Spec for Success: Designing Using Natural Stone

Credits: 1

Manufactured Stone Plant Tour

Credits: 4


Spec for Success: Benefits of Structural Soil
Credits: 1

Spec for Success: Green Roof Systems

Credits: 1

HSW-Self Reporting

Soil Uses in Commercial Applications

Spec for Success: Benefits of Compost in Today’s Construction & Landscape Design

Natural Stone in Landscape Design

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